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Your house should be more than a place where you live. A home is a place where you feel comfortable and something reflects your personal style.

Sometimes, it can take a while to really feel at home after moving in. Even after all the boxes are unpacked, a feeling of newness can linger. This feeling can prevent your home from really feeling like your own.

In order to make sure that your house feels like your home as quickly as possible, there are some small steps to take to personalize it and keep your space looking the way that you want.

Below are some suggestions we believe will help you feel more comfortable in your space:

1. Keep it clean

It is extremely difficult to be completely comfortable in a place that is dirty or cluttered. If you are struggling to feel at home, start by making it clean. Your physical space should be a reflection of not only your style but also the way that you feel. If you want to feel completely relaxed, it is important to make an effort to keep your floors and surfaces clean. A great place to start is to make a habit of removing any clutter buildup that is bound to occur over time.

2. Hang art

If you are someone who enjoys art or other forms of wall decor, then blank walls may feel foreign or unwelcoming. You do not have to be good at painting or know anything about interior design, whether it be one of your child’s drawings, your own art, or a painting that you purchased, just having something personal in your home can lift your mood.

According to the Artwork archive, “art makes a home more human.” Hanging artwork that you love can allow you to slow down and have something to appreciate during a busy or stressful day.

3. Incorporate your aesthetic

Creating a space that reflects your style and likes is vital to making your home your own. Whether you stick with the same aesthetic of your previous home or not, choosing a look that you like is guaranteed to make you more comfortable.

If you are not sure what style best fits you, it can be a good idea to check out some inspiration from current popular styles. Always remember that sticking with one aesthetic is not necessary when decorating a home. The best method of decoration is to find pieces that fit you. Mixing popular trends can lead to a unique home that will never go out of style!

4. Stock up on essentials at the grocery store

Once you finish your unpacking, it may be time to head to the grocery store and shake off that empty-fridge feeling. Having staples like condiments, peanut butter, cereals, or salt and pepper will make your kitchen feel more lived in. Whether you plan to start cooking or not, having personal staples is sure to make your space feel more comfortable. Not to mention that having these condiments is bound to make any take-out taste much better!

5. Add green with some plants

Plants will not only improve the air quality of your home but they also play a huge role in making rooms appear homier. Flowers and plants also reduce stress levels and lead to happier moods.

Jonathan S. Kaplan of Psychology Today explains that plants can have so many benefits in your life. These benefits include: lowering blood pressure, improving reaction time and attentiveness, raising productivity and job satisfaction, and improving well-being. Clearly, adding plants to each room can be a huge factor in improving the ambiance of your home.

6. Make it smell nice

A house without inviting smells will never feel like a home. According to Real Simple, smell is often the human’s most powerful sense. If a space smells fresh and clean, our minds perceive it as inviting while a bad smell can make us uneasy.

The sky’s the limit when it comes to comforting aromas. The market is filled with candles, air fresheners, or incense that can make your house smell like home right when you open the front door. Whether you choose clean linen or a warm spice smell, choosing a signature scent can be just what your home needs.

7. Spend time at home

Ultimately, the easiest way to make your house feel more like home is to spend time there. Rather than using it as solely a place to sleep, get comfortable, and enjoy all the aspects of your brand new custom home. Not only will spending more time at home help with stress levels but also allow you to associate your home with calm moods and relaxation.

At Holland Homes, we want to make sure that not only will your home be perfectly catered to fit you and your needs but also that you will enjoy your time thereafter the building process is completed. During our custom building process, we will make sure that you make the best choices to ensure that you will love your home for years to come. Contact Holland Homes today and learn more about how to start your journey towards a dream home.

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