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Once you have hung the last picture frame and unpacked the final piece of furniture, it’s time to focus on your outdoor living space. Often overlooked, the front and backyard are great areas to host guests, gather for cookouts and relax and unwind.

Deciding how you want to utilize your space and the correct decor that will enhance those activities can be daunting. Sifting through magazines and websites that present picture-perfect designs and layouts can make the decision even more stressful. Here at Holland Homes, we understand that you want to spend time in every area of your property, including the outdoors.

Here are a few tips to consider when starting to design and shop:

It’s all about the experience

An outdoor space shouldn’t simply be a place you pass through, it should be a central place for gatherings and creating memories when the weather allows. When planning how to section and design your space, playing with ways to layout the area to facilitate conversations and allow for groupings should be done.

When you are working with a large outdoor area, separating places for eating, reading nooks, yoga space and more can be accomplished in a variety of ways. Furniture, partitions, curtains, and other materials can easily break up your outdoor area while still matching your theme and color scheme.

Creating inviting spaces that have a purpose is a great way to approach your patio or yard design. When areas have a reason to exist, you are more likely to use them and enjoy all they have to offer.

Selecting a style

Whether you choose to flow your indoor design style to your exterior, or you opt for a complete change and create an outdoor oasis, selecting style guidelines will help to create a unique space.

Rather than settle for a hodgepodge of colors, finishes, and styles, selecting a general direction for your outdoor space can help create a welcoming environment. It is best to do some research and explore your options through online searches and magazines to help narrow down what you like and create a cohesive look.

No matter what you decide to explore, having an idea can help determine the basic path and pieces that you should start searching for.

Starting from the bottom

Old splintered wooden decking is often accepted and never given a second thought. The type, color, and texture of the flooring you choose can help transform the area you are working with. Warm wooden tones can help to create a warm and cozy environment while grayscale options of tile can give space a clean and modern feel.

Not only can the overall flooring help to define the space but so can the accessories that you walk on. Rugs and mats are great ways to add style to an area, provide cozy walking options and areas for shoes to be cleaned before entering the space. Determining the best size, shape and material rugs can a complicated decision but is sure to pay off in the long run!

Make it Shine

It’s no secret that when it gets dark outside, it’s hard to recognize anything including the throw pillows and chair cushions you handpicked. Adding some trendy lighting pieces can help transform your space from drab to fab and provide the brightness necessary to continue festivities late into the evening.

String light varieties, solar lights for steps and balconies, and large uniquely shaped bulbs are just a few ways to illuminate your yard or porch. When aiming for a more natural feel, lights embedded in logs and discreetly placed bulbs can help accomplish the look. Large string lights or colored options allow for a festive, party feel. Whichever way you approach lighting, this simple yet transformative accessory can be done affordably.

At Holland Homes, we want to help you built the perfect property that contains the best outdoor area for you to decorate and live in. As experts in the industry, we are ready to work with you to ensure your home is the perfect fit. Get in touch with us today!

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