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Redesigning an entire room or space can result in a hefty bill. But transforming a space or giving it an extra touch of style doesn’t have to involve replacing every piece of furniture or painting every wall.

Incorporating unique lighting sources into your home design is not only functional but is also a great way to shake up your space.

No matter the home aesthetic you have chosen, there are lighting options that can match your style. Here are a few ways you can improve your lighting game and replace the simple standing lamps:


Chandeliers aren’t just for the dining room anymore. With many placing this eye catching lighting option in bathrooms, closets and kitchens, this show stopping light source can help illuminate your space and add a glamorous touch!

Along with bright and uniquely shaped chandeliers, large lamps can add a fun element to your space. So next time you are out home decor shopping, instead of searching for accent pillows purchase an accent lamp or fun chandelier.

Make it Art

Who says lighting has to look like lighting? Creating art pieces with your lighting is a great way to incorporate a fun but functional design into your rooms! Using different materials such as metal for a more industrial look can help elevate the style you haven chosen for your space.

Whether you turn your lights into wall art, or illuminate your existing art with lights surrounding or shining through, this unique option can be fun to play around with.

Bringing the Outdoors in

Natural light fixtures have recently grown in popularity. Illuminated salt rock lamps, logs with internal lights and bamboo material chandeliers and lamps help bring the calming outdoor atmosphere into your home.

While this style might not match everyone’s home decor, some may find the natural and neutral look to fit their space perfectly!

Lava Lamps and Neon are back

While it might seem hard to believe, lava lamps and neon light designs have made a return. An easy and fun way to spice up a movie or game room, these quirky lighting choices can be tailored to fit your space.

With various sizes and colors available, these options can help to incorporate accent color choices while also providing light!

Hide the light

Short on space or simply don’t enjoy the look of a lamp? Try hiding your fixtures to give a clean and simplistic look while still illuminating your space.

Under the kitchen cabinet and recessed lighting are just two ways that you can brighten up your space without the focus being on a chandelier or lamp. When using this lighting choice it is important to choose the accompanying fixtures that match your room style and are also current.

Another way that secretive lights can be used is on shelving and bookshelves. Installing light strips or bulbs underneath these areas can help add an interesting element to the piece of furniture or shelving and also provide brightness for the space.

Make the Fireplace a Focal Point

No matter the style of your home, an indoor fireplace can add an eye catching element. With different fireplace styles and types, there is now something for everyone!

Electric and ethanol fire place designs can blend into a sleek home design while wood burning and gas fireplaces can help warm up a cottage or cabin feel. Not only do these fireplaces help to heat a room but they can contribute light to the space as well.

The way that you choose to brighten your space can be both practical and stylish! Whether you hide your lighting in shelving, make them part of your art or use them as a focal point, there are many creative ways to utilize light sources.

No matter how you choose to incorporate your lighting choice, let us help you find the space to do so! At Holland Homes we are passionate about building a house that you can call home. With various floor plans and customizations for those in every stage of life, our realtors are ready to assist you today. Call us at 334-332-7157.

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