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Your front porch is the first thing guests see when entering your home and a focal point for the exterior. It sets the tone for what is inside, which is why it is important to keep it fresh and inviting. While it may seem like too small of a space or unimportant, you have ample opportunity to reinvent and create a more charming and personalized front porch. No matter the size of your front porch, it can be transformed with a few simple changes.

Here at Holland Homes, we want your outdoor space to still feel like your home which is why we offer an array of customizations to match your preferences and style.

Here are six tips on how to revive your front porch for any style or season:

Lighting is a Must

Style is just as important as functionality when it comes to outdoor lighting. There are a variety of ways to add light to your front porch depending on what you use your porch space for. If you like to hang out on your front porch, consider stringing lights or adding bright bulbs to your existing light fixtures for abundant light during the colder months. If you want a more subtle look, consider putting out lanterns with dimmer bulbs or candles to create a more tranquil feel.

Holland Homes can help you brighten up your front porch by offering an array of beautiful light fixtures catered to you. We offer solar panel additions to our home builds which can be used to power your lighting, helping illuminate your front porch while being environmentally friendly.

Renovate Railings

Your porch railings see a lot of wear and tear over time. A simple way to help freshen them up is to regularly clean them and apply a fresh coat of paint every few years to keep them vibrant. When deciding on a paint color, choose a color other than white to hide pesky scuffs and scratches better. If you’re tired of the structure completely, Holland Homes can help you install new railings to better fit your home’s needs.

Expand The Porch

Front porches come in all sizes, but if you are wanting a larger porch, Holland Homes can help construct the perfect porch with your home build. We can construct any type of porch style from a wrap around to a veranda porch. We want to ensure your front porch is a place for leisure, so expanding your front porch is a great way to add another area to gather and unwind.


If your front porch allows it, having room for seating is the perfect way to transform your space into a comfortable hangout area. According to The Spruce, using outdoor fabrics such as Sunbrella will help limit sun damage on your outdoor furniture as well.

When assembling your front porch seating, consider adding plush outdoor seating and a small table to create a cozy and delightful resort for family and friends. Holland Homes can help design and build seating like benches or a porch swing with your home build to create a more permanent seating layout.

Paint Your Door

The front door ties the entire porch together, so changing the color can help inspire other decor alterations. The front door has endless color possibilities that can create a bold centerpiece or merely be a piece of the front porch’s aesthetic, depending on your style. If you do not want to change the color entirely, adding a fresh coat of paint would take your porch up a level. It is a simple and affordable way to reinvent your front porch and even step up your curb appeal, according to HGTV.

Add Some Greenery

Plants are an important piece for any outdoor space, especially the front porch. Adding some plants to sit next to your door or hang along the porch depending on your porch size is crucial to revamping your front porch space. Don’t be afraid to get creative with shapes, sizes, colors and arrangements while still creating a dynamic yet cohesive front porch. Adding a natural wreath or stringing natural vines is a great option while patterned and colorful plants and pots will add a splash of color!

Holland Homes wants you to have your dream home designed specifically for you. We want your front porch to be an area where you can decorate and relax as you please. No matter your style, Holland Homes is here for all your home needs. Contact us today to start building your dream space!

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