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Country-style homes, also known as farmhouses, have been a popular home design style for centuries. As time goes on, design styles often shift to accommodate the current taste and lifestyles of homeowners. The contemporary country design style is a much newer design style that is growing with popularity. Since both of these styles have their own unique characteristics, they can easily be combined to form a contemporary country-style home.

The world is constantly changing and home design trends are working just as fast to keep up. Incorporating this new style enables homeowners to maintain the timeless and charming look of a country-style home while integrating some contemporary elements to give a house a fresh and updated feel. To understand this increasingly popular style of home design, it is crucial to first understand the country-style home.

What is a country-style home?

Country-style homes typically utilize a neutral color palette with various shades of white, black, grey, and brown. Sometimes the design can incorporate muted and darker shades of green or red. This design style puts a strong emphasis on bringing natural elements into the home. Nature can be added by decor throughout the home with small houseplants, woven baskets, and fruit. Nature can also be seen in wooden floors, wooden utensils, wooden chairs, rock flooring, and rock fireplaces. Essentially, the country home design celebrates simple and traditional design elements. With the addition of glass wall plates, pottery items, and bright lighting, the nostalgic style aims to remind you of what’s most important in life.

What is a contemporary country-style home?

The contemporary country style is defined by soft colors and a simple design combined with modern accents. The dominant color palette for this type of design is similar to the traditional color palette but does not include red or green as accent colors. Instead, color can be added subtly with pastel greens and pinks. The use of bronze or copper materials for appliances, furniture, and small accents adds color and brings attention to a certain area with this design.

Rustic and natural elements that define the traditional country home are continued throughout the contemporary country look but are presented in an elevated way. This is typically accomplished with the addition of large barn doors or exposed brick which can add a sophisticated look to a home. Incorporating repurposed or reclaimed wood into your home is a sustainable and popular choice with this style. It is a fun way to give old materials new life and it can make your design more traditional.

Rustic furniture pieces are a cornerstone of this design style. Finding pieces with a weathered or vintage look helps capture the true essence of modern country flare. Furniture pieces with scratches, paint chips, or dents, would normally be excluded from a living space, however, these imperfections are essential to the design. The whole goal of this style is to create an informal, practical, and cozy home, making comfortable furniture is a must.

Mismatched items are another signature characteristic of this style. Furniture, decor, and colors should not directly correlate but should have subtle similarities that loosely tie the design together.

As you incorporate modern elements in your home, remember the principle of simplicity and practicality. Simplicity is rooted in the traditional country style and the contemporary style. You can achieve a simple look with minimal decor, muted shades, and purposeful design choices. While some styles need extra pillows, loud patterns, or decorative pieces, contemporary country style only needs a practical design that fits the space.

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