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The air is getting colder, the nights are becoming darker and you realize winter has finally come. As you turn your attention inside, the interior of your home can help in creating a warm and relaxing environment where you can keep out of the cold and enjoy your time indoors. We have gathered some of this season’s most popular interior design trends to elevate your home to the next level. These trends are guaranteed to make the inside of your home feel cozy and warm just in time for the winter months.

Here are the major interior design trends to improve your home’s winter aesthetic.

Earthy Color Palette

An earthy color palette is slowly becoming one of the biggest winter trends this season. Warm greens, browns, creams, and caramel tones are among the colors that nature has inspired this winter. These colors create an environment that brings the outdoors into your home to create a versatile and cozy feeling for the chilly months ahead.

Dark green tones have been seen everywhere this season, whether as a paint color, decoration, or plant. If you are looking for a good first step to changing things up this winter season, incorporating green hues into your color palette will do the trick.

Cozy/Natural Textiles

Cozy materials such as curly wool, sherpa, and linen are being utilized in homes to create a sense of warmth that we all crave in the winter months. These soft materials have made a comeback in recent years and adding furniture items made of these textiles is on trend this season. By adding sherpa or other furry fabrics to your living space, you can easily cozy up any room to make it look sophisticated and comfortable.

Natural textiles have grown in popularity beyond the summer months and materials like wicker and bamboo have resurfaced this winter. We have begun to see that these elements can help add a natural sense of craftsmanship to any room throughout the seasons. These textiles can be placed in many different areas in your home such as lights, seating, beds, and even cabinetry. You can create a purposefully “messy” look by combining and layering many of these textiles together to create a warm ambiance that has been missing.

Feature Walls

Creating an accent wall with personality can add a sense of luxury and depth to any wall that needs a little help. Making a wall a focal point has become a big trend this year and will likely be even bigger this season. A feature wall can come in multiple forms such as paneled or tiled walls, murals, and wallpaper. Adding a minimalist design to a wall in the form of a geometric pattern is a unique low-cost way to create an eye-catching design.

When it comes to bringing personality to a room that has become dull, contrast is vital. Utilize bold colors to help make a statement in a room, adding depth and maximizing its potential.

This holiday season there are a few ways to help accentuate your home that may be less invasive and more decorative.


  • Faux Fur: Faux fur has taken interior design by storm this season because it can make any space feel welcoming and comfortable. You can use faux fur to add texture to a space with a simple blanket or throw for that added coziness. Faux fur has rapidly become a standout this season, with stockings, wreaths, and even Christmas trees hitting the stores in a variety of materials. Combine this fabric texture into your holiday decorating, making you the envy of every guest that comes to visit.


  • Pampas grass: A tallgrass plant has taken the design world by storm and has quickly made its way in many people’s homes this year. Pampas grass is the new trendy plant that instantly upgrades a room, giving it a boho and natural feel. You may not have time to care for a plant during the busy holiday season, but because pampas grass is dry, it requires very little upkeep.


How We Can Help

Here at Holland Homes, we believe in creating a home that will change the way people live. We specialize in customizable homes to bring you the house of your dreams. Our goal is to provide homes that are perfect for our customers and their personal aesthetics. We offer a design guide to allow customers to browse unique customizations to any home that is sure to inspire you. Contact us today to learn more about our customizable homes and get your home ready for the winter season!

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