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With the year 2021 drawing to a close, we can look back on some of the most popular exterior home styles that have become the standard in home design. Home improvement projects became a renewed focus after so many homeowners spent time at home in 2020. From landscaping projects to DIY home improvements, revitalizing the outside of your home has become more than just a one-time occurrence.

While some want exterior updates to last for years, others want their homes to look updated to maintain a trendy curb appearance. From classic designs to new trends, we have created a guide to exterior home design trends that you can bring into the new year.

Modern Wood Accents

Wood is being used for more than just interior design; trendy wooden accents have become a staple in home design. Wood accents add texture and warmth by creating a distinctive style to any home. You can incorporate natural wood into your exterior through columns, siding, doors, fences, and even shutters to add contrast to your home. Wood is not only a popular home building material but can be used to compliment your home and give it a natural feel. It is simple to install, long-lasting, and can be painted or stained to fit your personal design.

Dark Tones

In a sea of white cookie-cutter houses, dark exterior colors can appear bold and daring. These colors, on the other hand, are incredibly adaptable and may be used to create a striking contrast to any modern home. If a darker-toned home is overwhelming, a two-toned home can give the same stunning appeal.

Black painted homes are becoming today’s hottest trend in exterior painting by adding depth and drama to create a strong visual statement. It contrasts well with other materials and textures and can be used to complement any outdoor space. In matte finishes, blacks and dark hues can feel luxurious and they’re great for disguising flaws and blending different elements into one.

More Windows

Adding more or larger exterior windows is trendy for both exterior and interior design as bright interiors are virtually always in style. When installing new windows, it’s important to make sure they match the home’s original architecture. By doing so, you can improve the home’s appearance while maintaining its classic essence and giving it a modern makeover. One popular window trend has become installing large windows that span across an entire wall– also known as floor-to-ceiling windows and doors– to give your home an outdoor living feel. It allows for maximum natural light while making the home more functional.

Add a Pergola or Outdoor Space

Combining indoor and outdoor living has become increasingly popular this year to enjoy time outside in any weather. Extending a usable living space outdoors can be tricky without the proper awning, shade, or place in your backyard. A pergola can be a simple and cost-effective solution that you can build or install to provide the space adequate shade and structure. Most pergolas are customizable to offer you different types of protection and shade to fit any season or weather conditions.

Because of how customizable pergolas can be, they have become the most in-demand design element to quickly upgrade an outdoor living space. Outdoor kitchens and dining rooms are fantastic additions that are ideal for hosting lavish parties. Install a custom-designed fire pit to extend your time outside with friends, providing warmth and light late into the evening.

Architectural Doors

Doors can be as decorative as they are functional, including privacy glass, direct glaze, double doors, dutch doors, and contrasting colors. With so many possibilities ranging from traditional to modern and glass panels to stained glass, entry door trends are on the increase. Now could be the ideal time to make a change. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade your door to one that makes a more stylish statement while also increasing energy efficiency.

As different shades and materials have become the new normal, garage doors have now become an outlet where you can show off your particular design style. By creating a unique garage door as the integral piece of your home, you can increase curb appeal. Some popular design styles include a modern barn, dark tones, paneling, arched, and steel.

How We Can Help

Here at Holland Homes, we believe in designing a house that will make your dreams a reality. We specialize in customized houses so that we can provide you with any style or trend you may desire. Our objective is to create residences that are tailored to our client’s preferences and aesthetics. We provide a design guide that allows clients to browse distinctive home customizations to make your forever home. Contact us today to get your home ready for the new year and learn more about our customizable houses.

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