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One of the most overlooked areas of a home during a remodel would have to be the garage. It can be easy to forget about the space that stores your car and some trash cans, but your garage can be your home’s secret weapon as it is equipped with space! By remodeling your garage and making use of that square footage, you can optimize that area of your home for storage solutions and more, ultimately increasing the overall value of your home. Here are some of the top tips we recommend to turn the garage from drab to fab!


Quick Changes


There are a number of very simple changes you can make in your garage that will completely change the feel of the space and give it an updated look.

New Floors

Sprucing up the old cracked concrete on your garage floor will make a world of difference! We recommend having your garage floor resurfaced or even repainted to add some color to the space. Garages are also a place of messes and spills, so having your garage floor epoxied is a worthwhile investment to prevent stains and preserve those floors. Epoxy also gives a fantastic sheen giving your garage an elevated feel.

Paint The Walls

Having the walls of your garage painted in another simple way to give this space a refreshed feeling. If your walls are concrete, you can consider adding insulation and drywall to make this space more accessible and help further insulate rooms inside that share a garage wall.

Switch Up The Lights

Changing out your lighting fixtures will also give your garage an updated look. Many garage’s only offer dim lighting, which makes the space appear unwelcoming especially after sundown. Opting for brighter, potentially LED or motion sensor fixtures will help the family want to visit and enjoy the garage more!

Storage, Storage, Storage

Say goodbye to cluttered closets because of all that new storage space in your garage! By having cubbies, hooks and cabinets installed your garage will become an organizer’s dream. Implementing cubbies or lockers in the design for the residents of your home will give everyone a designated area for their shoes, sports gear, backpacks and more. Pegboards for hanging tools help save space and are a great way to break up the room into sections. When thinking about places to install storage during your remodel, do not forget to look up! Overhead storage racks can be easily installed to hold your lesser used items.

Keep The Cars

Many people decide to turn their garages into an added living space, taking away the ability to park your car inside. If you are looking to sell your home in the future, it may be advised to keep the functionality of the garage in your remodel. When looking at other homes in the market, not having a functioning garage will put you a point below other options in the eyes of a buyer and decrease your homevalue. We recommend approaching your garage remodel with this in mind.

When considering a remodel to your home, it is advised to work with a reputable company to save yourself the time and stress. A remodeling company will also ensure you are receiving the maximum amount of added value possible with your budget. Here at Holland Home, we provide quality craftsmanship to each project we take on and want to help you with the garage of your dreams. Our professionals are experienced and efficient, so you can get to using your new space as soon as possible. Get started with increasing your home value today by giving us a call at (334) 332-7157 or contacting us through our website form.

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