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When building or customizing a home from the ground up, you want to know that your plans are in the best hands. Deciding who should build your home can be an overwhelming and scary process. So, if trust is something that is earned, and you have never worked with a homebuilder before, what do you do?

At Holland Homes, we want you to recognize that we are a trustworthy home builder that can handle all of our clients’ needs with nothing but excellence. Here are a couple of things to do to ensure that you are getting a reliable home builder that is necessary to make your dream home a reality:

Figure out Exactly What You Want

Step one is to sit down and figure out the top priorities for your new home. Maybe even write it all out in a list so you can really visualize your plans. Channel your creative side! Start a pinterest filled with house layouts, ideas, and aesthetics that inspire you. Or, you could create a live vision board with magazine cut-outs and photos. This is one of the most important steps in determining what you want and need in a home builder. So, get inspired! You want to ensure that your custom home design is right for you.

Ask yourself all the important questions: What does my budget need to be? Where do I want to build my home? What kind of design plan do I want, and how long will it take? It may seem like this is just simply stating the obvious, but this list will really help you figure out a home builder who is capable of turning all of your dreams into reality.

Do Your Homework

Doing your homework before choosing a home builder is extremely important. Lucky for you, the digital world we live in makes this process a little easier. So, get on google and get to researching! Check out your local builders websites, and make sure to read as many testimonials as you can. Reach out to your friends, family, and coworkers to see what they may have to say about builders they have worked with. Take what they have to say and make a pros and cons list of your possible options. Just because a home builder is friendly and professional in your initial interactions, does not mean that the experience will be a positive one so make sure to gather as much knowledge on your local home builders as you can.

Time to Tour

Hopefully after your extensive homework, you have narrowed it down to a few possible home builders. The next step is a fun one, tour some homes! Touring some of the existing custom homes that a builder has worked on is a great way to get a feel for their work, style offerings and see if it would be something you are interested in.

While you’re touring be sure to keep in mind things like timeframe for the project, where they build, additional fees for the process, etc. Vocalize your thoughts to the home builder. Clear communication is vital to make your new home construction go smoothly!

Make your Pick

The time has come. You’ve made the plan, done the research, and communicated your thoughts. Now it’s time to pick a builder. Once you have chosen a builder who you think could satisfy all your future home needs, the fun begins.

Here at Holland Homes we pride ourselves on building homes in an innovative way that improves the way people live. We want your homebuilding process to be a rewarding one. Contact us today so we can start building your dream home!

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