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Wondering how to make your new house feel more like home? Decorating your new house may seem difficult since you have a blank canvas. Here at Holland Homes, we gathered a list of ways to help give your new home more character and feel more personalized.

Define Your Entryway

The first impression guests get when they enter your house is your entryway. Your entryway is also what greets you every time you come home, so it should be something personal to you and convenient. One way to do this might be by adding built-in storage. This is convenient if you store things by your door such as shoes, keys, jackets, or mail.

Adding a unique lighting fixture can make this space feel more personalized, and adding a mirror to reflect light from the windows can make the space feel larger. If your house is open-concept, we recommend establishing this space with things such as a carpet, bookcase, or a bench. Sectioning off this area will make guests know where the entrance stops and the rest of your house starts.

Unique Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important elements of designing a home. It can make or break the feel of a room. An overhead light can brighten up an entire room and even be the center of attention if chosen properly. There are many different types of overhead lighting that can match the theme of the rest of a room. Think about a nice dining room with a chandelier compared to the lighting fixtures over a kitchen’s breakfast bar. These are two very different types of fixtures that help define the space and add character to your room. Another type of lighting that can elevate and personalize your space is task lighting. This might be a light over a desk, or a light over a piece of art you would like to emphasize.


Adding wallpaper is a quick fix to a room and will give it more personality. Elegant wallpaper with pops of neutral colors is very trendy right now. When deciding on wallpaper, consider the functionality of the room. One place you might not want wallpaper is near a sink or a shower, while in a living or dining room it would be perfect!

Wooden Elements

Wooden furniture and fixtures are a very quick way to make your house have more character. It can be put in any room, from a bathroom to a dining room, and makes it feel so much more like a home. There are many different shades of wood to pick from and you can pick what makes you feel most comfortable in your home.

Ceiling Medallions

A ceiling medallion is a perfect way to add individuality and character to a new home. These are decorative features that are added over the base of a lighting fixture. This gives the room a classic vibe. These features can be painted any color to match the room or the lighting fixture. There are many of these to choose from in all different patterns and textures, so there is definitely one out there suited for your home.

Vintage Hardware

A new trend in hardware is adding vintage knobs from the 20th century and handles to new doors. One popular style for this is glass door knobs with brass handles. There are usually unique designs inside the glass and they come in a variety of styles. There are other places you can use vintage hardware that give your house some sense of coziness and individuality.

Another great spot to use vintage hardware is in your entryway. You can use coats or key hangers to add some flair to the space. This can also be used in a bathroom with faucet handles or towel hangers. Antique coat hooks are very detailed and come in a variety of styles and colors. These are all very easy to install with basic tools and can make your home’s personality grow.

Adding Window Treatment

You can elevate and add color to a room by adding curtains or blinds. These not only make it look better but can be functional if they block out light or provide more privacy for a home. Some tips to make a room look bigger are to use a rod that is longer than the window, layer shades and curtains, mix textures, or even make the curtain the focal point of the room. You can really get creative with window treatments and they will improve the feel of your home instantly.

Trim and Moldings

Molding is one of the best ways to add character to a home. Base molding adds a seam between the floor and the wall, which helps the space feel less generic. Crown molding will make the room feel bigger and taller. Wall paneling is also another way to add some charm to a home. Many of our models at Holland Homes come with the option to add paneling to your home. Adding molding, trim, or paneling allows you to add a personal touch to your blank canvas of a home.


Everyone loves a nice, cozy fireplace in the cold months. A fireplace gives a room and your entire home a great deal of personality and character. At Holland Homes, many of our models come with fireplaces or the option to add one.

How We Can Help

Here at Holland Homes, we offer a unique experience to help you build your dream home. Whether it is adding character and charm to a model home or finding your perfect home, we are here for you every step throughout the buying process. We are unique because we will not only help you find your ideal home layout, but we will help you design it along the way. Contact us today to discuss personalizing your new home!

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