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Accent walls are the perfect way to make any room in your home stand out. An accent wall is an interior wall whose design is completely different from the others around it. The accent wall may feature a different color, material or pattern than the other three walls.

Choosing a room, wall and material can be tricky, so we have compiled everything you need to know about accent walls and beyond.

Popular Accent Wall Locations

Living RoomThe living room is a perfect space for an accent wall. If your living room has a fireplace or a TV, consider showcasing that wall with the accent.

An accent wall can determine the ambiance of the room, so if you want this room to be a place to relax and read, consider using darker materials, but on the flip side if you want your living room to be lively and fun use lighter or brighter materials.

BedroomBehind your headboard in the perfect place for an accent wall. Wood and brick are perfect materials for this space. An accent wall in your bedroom will make the space feel cozy and contemporary.

KitchenAn accent wall in your kitchen will add eye-catching contrast to the space. There are so many spaces for added accents in your kitchen, especially as the backsplash behind your appliances. Tile is a great material for kitchens and will add more flavor to the space.

Deciding Which Wall to Accent

After you have found the location of your accent wall, the next step is choosing which wall you want to spice up. You must choose your accent wall wisely. When you walk into the room, where does your eye naturally travel to? The fireplace? The headboard? The TV wall? If you can’t find the right accent wall, consider the fifth wall, your ceiling.

Here comes the fun part! Now that you have found the perfect room and wall, it’s time to pick the accent materials that match your style! Lucky for you there are so many to choose from!

Trendy Accent Materials

WoodWood accent walls are by far the biggest trend right now and can fit anyone’s style. Accent walls in this material can be installed in different patterns such as herringbone, linear square, 3-D square, vertical brick and diamond.

Chip and Joanna Gaines have made shiplap a household name. Despite the recent popularity that the HGTV stars have given it, shiplap has been around for quite awhile and because of its versatility, it is not going anywhere.

The texture of the wood can give your home a unique look. Shiplap can be installed horizontally or vertically, and can be left in its raw natural form or painted over with the color of your choice.

TileA tile accent wall is guaranteed to make any wall stand out. Tile comes in thousands of different shapes, designs and colors, so you’re sure to find tile that fits your style. Tile is durable and waterproof, perfect for bathrooms and kitchens!

This material can be subtle or bold depending on the pattern you choose. Tile accent walls can be stenciled, decorative, geometric, striped, textured and so much more! The possibilities are endless with a tile accent wall.

BrickExposed brick is timeless and adds character to any room in your home. Whether your style is rustic or industrial, the uniformity of a brick wall adds texture and beauty. The great thing about brick is that you can paint or plaster over a brick wall to better cater to your style.

This material is a very popular choice for accent walls and will never go out of style! Brick is on the more expensive side, but will be worth every penny!

Holland HomesWhen you are ready to build your dream home, we have all of the materials to make any room stand out. We have a huge selection of wood, tile and brick to accent any wall in your new home. Check out our website for all that we have to offer. If you are looking to build a home, contact us today!

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