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Once you finish your initial home design process, you might expect to always feel content with the final design. However, tastes and preferences can often change drastically over time. As the seasons change, many people can find themselves looking for new and interesting ways to update their homes. If you are considering updating your home’s decor, fall is the perfect time to incorporate any new changes. From small decor items to big changes like a new paint job, the fall season can provide an extensive source of inspiration on ways to improve your home’s aesthetic.

Fabrics and textures

The transition from summer to fall often brings colder weather which means that you’ll likely want to spend more time indoors. Adding new and cozy blankets with fun patterns is a simple way to update your home while adding some comfort items. This is also a practical option that provides extra warmth for the upcoming cold weather.

Blankets sold during the fall season usually feature unique textures and patterns such as plaid, stripes, and different versions of flowers and leaves. Try layering warm blankets with patterned pillows to create a warm and cozy environment that can provide a comforting feel year round.

Since fall patterns are heavily influenced by natural elements, patterns include neutral colors that can match your current aesthetic. The season also features unique colors such as plum, burgundy, rust, dark green, and yellow that can create contrast to your current color scheme. Velvet, wicker, and brass are also common textures that are utilized more heavily during this season. These materials can be incorporated into your decor to easily update your home’s designs while adding vintage accents.

Neutral colors

Neutral colors are often used during fall which is why it is a good idea to incorporate these colors into your home if you are looking to update your color scheme. Neutral colors can provide a base that will match easily with multiple colors, textures, and patterns.

If your color scheme already includes neutrals, consider adding a pop of color. Bolder colors can accent parts of your home that you want to stand out and can liven up your space. If adding a bright color on your walls is too drastic, you can always include different colors as accents in your pillows, blankets, or rugs. By doing this, you can create a subtle contrast that is not too overpowering.

Plants and flowers

No matter the time of year, plants can help elevate your home and its aesthetic in a relatively simple and cost-effective way. The fall season brings life to chrysanthemums, pansies, and celosias. The plants that bloom during this time often feature more muted colors that emulate the season. The deep yellows and greens in these plants uniquely accent any home while highlighting the seasonal shift.

If you are looking for unique ways to utilize plants to update your home’s decor, you can always incorporate other plants like pumpkins. They can be featured in table arrangements or serve as outdoor decor. Pale green leaves can be placed in between small pumpkins or fall flowers to create a cohesive decorative element.


As a necessary element in your home’s design that rarely gets updated, lighting can often be forgotten about. However, lighting provides an inexpensive way to draw on the fall atmosphere for your home’s design. Dim and warm lighting is commonly seen in the fall as opposed to harsh, bright lighting featured in the spring and summer. Adding lanterns inside and outside your home is a way to incorporate fall characteristics that do not go out of style with the season. This can also add a vintage accent to your home.

With soft yellow lighting, candles are a preferred source of mood lighting for your home. Candles that are bought during this time often come with a range of scents that can create a light and fresh environment or bring in more natural scents like cinnamon, pumpkin, apple cider, and mahogany. These scents provide a subtle nod to the upcoming season while filling your home with soft, natural fragrances.

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