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Both decks and patios are great options for an exciting outdoor addition to your home. Between the two, there are some important differences to note that can help you make a decision that best fits your home’s needs.

What is the difference? Decks vs. Patios:Nationwide defines a deck as an open outdoor porch, usually without a roof, that is attached to the home and extends directly from it. On the other hand, a patio is a paved area built on the ground and can be attached or independent from the home.

While there are additional fundamental differences between decks and patios, there are three main differences that you should take into consideration before choosing one over the other: cost, lifestyle, and personal taste.


A patio will typically cost less than a deck, but the price of a patio can vary depending on the type of material used for the build. Most patios are made of affordable materials like concrete or stone and generally do not require permits or inspections which can also save you money in the long run. Decks, however, are usually built using wood or brick and do require a permit and inspection.

As far as long-term investments go, patios tend to last longer than decks. Both can live for decades if they are well maintained, but patios will last anywhere from 25 to 35+ years while decks tend to last for 20 to 25+ years.

In terms of regular maintenance, natural wood decks require consistent upkeep to preserve their natural beauty. To maintain the integrity of the wood, decks usually need to be restained or repainted, sealed, and power-washed every couple of years. Patios are easier to maintain, as they can generally be cleaned as needed.


Bob Vila, a trusted home advice group, points out that your personal lifestyle should be taken into consideration as well. Decks typically have a weight limit and while they can be built to hold greater weights, this usually comes at the expense of aesthetic appeal. Since patios are built directly on the ground, there is usually no weight limit. So, you can have any number of outdoor furnishings all while not worrying about the number of people on the patio.

Decks are typically much more adaptable in terms of design and where they can be built. A patio will traditionally need a flat, level surface on the ground whereas a deck can be built on the ground level or on a second story of your home. Because of this versatility, a deck may be a better option depending on your yard or home layout design.

When living in Alabama the heat is another aspect that you should take into consideration. Patios are usually cooler and have the ability to endure heat better than a deck made from natural wood. Decks featuring light colored paints or that are made of synthetic wood are typically much cooler to the touch.

Personal Taste:

Though cost and lifestyle are important aspects to consider, design and personal aesthetic are just as imperative. Here at Holland Homes, we offer a number of different homes that cater to various styles.

For those who dream of quaint but modern cottage living, our Piper Glen community is here for you. Perfect for new families and downsizers alike, Piper Glen offers the compact, single-style comfort of cottage living will simultaneously situating you within a lively community right outside of Auburn’s amenities. Our Piper Glen homes are perfect too for those who still desire outdoor entertainment capabilities, but do not require as much space. The Kent floor plan provides a rear patio option that is just the right size for a grill and small seating area while the Konrad offers a quaint front patio to help you feel connected to your community.

Our Peartree Farms’ community provides the look and feel of contemporary country style homes all while being located just on the outskirts of the suburban city lights. Since each home is built on spacious 3-acre lots, there is plenty of room for outdoor leisure and entertainment. The Lowcountry plan offers both a beautiful and welcoming covered entrance porch, as well as a roomy, fully covered, brick outdoor living space.

The experts here at Holland Homes are here to assist you throughout every step of the home building process. Holland Homes uses the highest quality materials, up-to-date appliances, and charming designs that you are sure to love. Contact us today to discuss your dream home in more detail.

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