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When furnishing a new home, it is important to develop a personal design aesthetic. There is an abundance of home styles and design options to choose from which can make the process overwhelming. Establishing a home arrangement that is right for you does not happen instantaneously. It takes time to research design trends and find inspiration that speaks to what you want to convey, but being patient with the process will ultimately result in a home design that you love.

Holland Homes wants you to find the perfect home in your ideal community that will allow you to create the perfect aesthetic. By following these easy tips we have provided, you can develop your own aesthetic and create a timeless look that is distinctive to you.

Decide on a design style as a loose guide

There are several basic design styles that are popular for home decorating. A few examples include modern, traditional, contemporary, bohemian, and rustic. However, interior design styles are not simply defined by one word and often do not fit in a single category. Houses are typically designed by combining multiple elements from different design categories which create a sub-style that is original and unique.

Understanding your personal style is the key to generating the ideal home aesthetic. Knowing which style trends you are drawn to and which trends you do not like will help you narrow down the type of aesthetic that is perfect for you. The most effective way to understand your personal aesthetic is to take an interior design quiz. The results from the online quiz will provide a guideline to crafting the perfect home design style.

To gain an understanding of your unique, personal style, you can start by browsing current furniture pieces and home decor trends. Selecting specific items that you connect with will give you insight into what styles you like and what category matches your aesthetic the best. After defining your personal style, it is time to bring your aesthetic to life.

Finding inspiration

Inspiration for home design can come from virtually anywhere. Simply googling home design styles will display examples of ways you can implement that design into your home. Researching the current design trends is another way to find inspiration that is popular and in-style. Social media can also be utilized as another useful tool to find inspiration. Pinterest will show thousands of designs that fit your style and allow you to combine your inspired ideas onto a vision board.

An easy way to be inspired is to pay attention to the design styles around you. When you are visiting friends or family take notice of what catches your eye in their homes. Make a note of what you like and find pieces that are similar. Even the smallest details like the wallpaper in your local coffee shop can spark inspiration.

Stay true to yourself

The perfect home aesthetic can only be achieved if it reflects who you are as a person. To define your personality and understand how it translates into your style, look at your wardrobe. Your clothing style represents how you see yourself and how you want others to perceive you. If you notice that one color or pattern stands out, try to incorporate it into your home design process.

The most important thing to remember when creating your style is that it is yours. It is easy to follow the trends that are popular or allow yourself to be influenced by your friends’ styles, but ultimately doing so could be harmful in the long run. Taking other people’s opinions exclusively into account could produce a design that you might quickly lose interest in.

Remember nothing is set in stone

Once you have defined your style, do not be afraid to stray from it. If you decide that your style doesn’t match your home as well as you thought it would, you can always re-evaluate. In fact, your preferences are constantly changing, so it is likely that your aesthetic will change too.

Identifying your home aesthetic shouldn’t limit your choices or creativity. Your style category is there to provide a guideline for your design choices. You can also define your own style by creating a new design category. Simply mix and match pieces from different design categories and you have created a style that is all your own. This way you are not confined to one particular style, and you can update as needed to reflect changes in your aesthetic.

How we can help you

Holland Homes equips you with the ability to find the ideal home in the perfect community for you. We are passionate about our customers and want to see your aesthetic flourish after you have found the right home. Our goal is to make the process of creating your perfect home aesthetic as easy as possible. This is why we have curated a design guide that provides all of the available design options in our homes to help connect our home style with your aesthetic.

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