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Changing of the seasons is the perfect time to change the style of your home. If you put up a tree for Christmas, why not add some fun colors in the summer to match? The interior design trends for summer 2022 will uplift your home, making the ambiance more fun and warm. If you enjoy sunny days on the beach, try bringing that joy into your home for the appropriate season. If you are a fan of the rainy days of summer, why not add some blues into your house? Bringing accents of summer into your home is a great way to celebrate everybody’s favorite season. Holland Homes of Auburn, AL has prepared a list of the hottest 2022 summer trends to bring the warm, summer atmosphere into your home.

Bring the Outdoors In

Nothing says summer and nice weather like green plants and bright flowers. To do this, try decorating with large standing house plants such as a snake plant or monstera. Plants are like a piece of living art and add a colored accent to any room. If you are not good with plants, you can find fake plants that look real.

If you have sunlight coming through your window in your kitchen, consider this a perfect spot to grow your own herbs. Fresh herbs from your kitchen will make any meal taste much fresher. Nothing is better than a functional decoration. No matter what season it is, plants don’t go out of style.


What does blue remind you of? Skies and oceans probably. The 2022 Pantone color of the year is Classic Blue. If summer had an assigned color, it is blue. Interior designers recommend using a rich blue accent wall in your living room or linens to give your space Grecian vibes.

This color choice is no surprise to be a summer favorite as blue has been rising in popularity in design in general.

For example, kitchens used to be all white, and now more colorful navy blue kitchens are becoming popular. This trend is here to stay, so an accent wall is not something you will regret. Blue dishware is also a great way to spice up the look of your kitchen in general if you are not looking for any major renovations for summer.

Wood furniture can be matched with a navy rug or throw pillow covers. You can compliment blue with red accessories. This gives a nautical theme to your rooms. If nautical is not your vibe, there are beach-themed options with blue too. You can make subtle signals to a tropical lifestyle with wall art, printed fabrics, and seashell decorations.


Who doesn’t love sparkles? This summer’s design trends include welcoming warm metallics such as bronze, copper, brass, and gold. Metallic accents really allow you to get creative. These accents can be used with candleholders, picture frames, lamps, and much more decor. Metallics are a great accent to pair with whites. You can mix and match different tones. You can also do these accents yourself if you do not want to buy new things. You can purchase metallic spray paint in your color of choice and have fun!

Bold Patterns

The perfect pattern for a room can change the ambiance whether it is floral or animal patterns. A big trend for the summer favors prints that emphasize contrast in colors. Therefore, think boldly! Consider a two-tone rug or an up-close print of an animal or flower. Larger-scaled prints will be bolder than smaller-scaled prints this summer. Opt for some fun summer patterns for your pillows on your couch. This could be a group of palm trees or pineapples to really tie in the feeling of summer. You can also consider some fun patterns for your couches that will work year-round!

If you are up to the challenge you can mix patterns! Even minimalist interiors can elevate your style with the right choice of bold patterns while also reserving an elegant simplicity. Don’t knock it until you try it!

Shabby Yet Classy

Some styles just never go out of style! The well-worn, cozy styles are making a comeback for this summer’s interior design trends. To stay on trend this summer, you are going to want to make new furniture look like antiques! Along with the distressed-looking furniture, distressed paint finishes in white and pastels are popular for this summer.

You can complement your shabby chic style with plants and earthy couch pillows and rugs. This could be shades of olive green or mauve. This style pairs nicely with metallic summer interior design trends. You can combine what’s shiny and new with unique antique pieces – bright hardware with shabby chic cabinetry make a classy pair!

How We Can Help

At Holland Homes, we offer a design team to help you customize our homes to your personal style. Our unique process is designed to help you get your dream home. Contact us today to learn more about our unique buying and design process to help you make your dream home a reality!

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