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Expecting a new addition to the family? Make sure your home is ready for this new and exciting time! This could mean you need to upgrade or expand into a new home! Whether you are decorating your room for a baby boy or girl, it is always fun to look at the new trends each year. In 2021, boho was a huge trend for nurseries and other rooms inside homes. It is time to see if those trends will continue in 2022 or if new ones will appear!


Neutrals have been a trend for a long time but luckily colors are starting to make their way back in style! It does not even have to be blue or pink, any color you like will do. After picking your color, you can base your entire nursery on one color but use different shades and hues. Therefore, you will be able to create an adorable room for your newborn while also staying up to date on design trends.


Stars have been trending for a while now and continue to be a popular trend. It is especially popular for nursery rooms because it can look like the night sky. In theory, this could influence your newborn to sleep more. To really enhance this theme, you can paint the wall a dark color and get a star nightlight or accents. This could include constellations, stars, and/or moons in artwork, rugs, mobiles, drapes, pillows, and/or sheets. If you want the room to be lighter you can use pastel colors with metallics.


While stars are also very popular right now, a new trend that was brought in 2022 is the sun. Sunshine is rumored to be the “outbreak” nursery theme for 2022. This promotes optimism and cheerfulness. Like stars, there are many different ways to incorporate that theme into your child’s nursery. You can have wallpaper with many metallic or muted suns or just one large sun. Instead of wallpaper with suns on it, you can include artwork, lights, and/or a mobile to represent the sun.

Animal Prints

Elizabeth Rees, the founder of wallpaper brand Chasing Paper, says animal print has been a huge trend for expectant mothers. There are sweet and modern animal prints to use for a nursery. The wallpaper can include various different animals from the wild, pets like bunnies, dogs, cats, and so much more. Butterflies could even be included in this category. These prints not only add color and texture to the nursery, but they can make the room feel more open. Any additions to the room could include various stuffed animals, animal string lights, and artwork.

Marble Wallpaper

Marble is not just for your bathrooms or countertops! It is predicted that marble wallpaper in nurseries is going to be a 2022 trend and could extend into 2023. The marble wallpaper adds a different element to your traditional nursery. Also, the wallpaper can be any color, not just white and gray. If you like the idea of a pink nursery you could definitely install some pink marble wallpaper.

Elements of Surprise

Elements of surprise can mean so many different things when designing a nursery or any room in fact. This could include a non-traditional color palette or wallpaper. Sometimes different wallpaper is still playful for kids, but also sophisticated for adults. Another way to add a nice element of surprise is by adding a large piece of artwork that can be the centerpiece of the room.

Blue is the new green!

In 2021, green was everyone’s favorite color to decorate their home with or even wear. In 2022, the new favorite color is going to be blue. Not a specific shade of blue, any shade blue. Blue has been used more for neutral rooms and purposes, so it could be used for a boy’s or girl’s nursery. It will be able to make a statement while also staying neutral.

How We Can Help!

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