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The master bedroom often functions as an escape and point of relaxation in a home. Including the time you sleep there, the master bedroom is also the place you likely spend most of your time. When designing this essential room, it is important that the overall aesthetic is an extension of who you are. That being said, there are a few tips and tricks you can utilize to take your master bedroom’s design to the next level.

1. Choose Subtle and Relaxing Colors

Effectively using color is both a science and an art. Colors evoke certain feelings from people, and it is important when designing a master bedroom to utilize colors that can help you relax and feel at home. Warmer colors such as red, orange, and yellow generally evoke energizing emotions such as passion, happiness, and enthusiasm. So, when considering colors for your master bedroom, it is generally a good idea to stay away from these warm tones.

Cooler colors like green, blue, and purple are much more subdued and provoke calming, relaxing feelings. Neutral colors can be combined with cool toned colors to add depth and warmth to your room. Each of the colors below can be effectively utilized alone or in combination with other colors to provide subtle accents and bring out calming emotions in your master bedroom.


Green typically has a balancing effect as a color. It can signify renewal, new beginnings, growth, and harmony. Olive greens and dark greens are more stable colors that can be easily incorporated into your room’s design and color scheme.


Often associated with peace, blue represents calmness and responsibility. Lighter blues are typically more calming than brighter and darker blues. Although all shades can be incorporated to have a relaxing effect on your room.


Purple has traditionally been held as a representation of royalty. Since it is a combination of red and blue, it takes on similar attributes of those colors. Lighter purples are usually softer and can evoke feelings of romance and creativity.


When used as an accent, black provides elegance and sophistication to any design. Black can function on either end of any spectrum: traditional or unconventional, conservative or modern. Essentially, black is a useful accent that brings our emotions that are dependent on the colors it is combined with.


White is often associated with cleanliness, simplicity, and purity in western culture. As a neutral accent color, white typically allows other colors the opportunity to stand out more. Adding white to your room can brighten a room while allowing it to feel clean and welcoming.


Gray is generally considered a cool color. Light greys can be used in place of whites, and dark greys can be used in place of blacks. Typically, grey evokes a sense of formality that can be strategically used to take your master bedroom to the next level.


Often, brown is associated with the earth as a natural, warm color. Brown is commonly used as a background color but can be strategically used in wood features in your bedroom. Using brown effectively can bring warmth and wholesomeness to your room’s design.

2. Keep the Bedroom Simple

A master bedroom should look cozy, simple, sophisticated, and elegant regardless of its design and aesthetic. Try leaving at least two to three feet between the bed and any furniture or side walls. Not only will this help with ease of movement, but it will also allow for the room to feel much more open and larger.

Accessories in your master bedroom should be kept to a minimum. Additional items that you don’t need only adds clutter. Minimalism in the bedroom can emphasize cleanliness and evoke relaxing feelings. The goal should be to create a room that you want to enjoy coming into. A cluttered room will do the opposite.

3. Add Luxurious Linens

Beautiful, luxurious linens can add comfort to your bedroom all while taking the room’s style to the next level. This can easily be done by ensuring your bed is outfitted with nicer sheets. Luxurious sheets need to be either 100% cotton or a linen that has a thread count higher than 350.

You can also try utilizing nicer fabrics in other ways. Silk drapes or a silk bed canopy can help elevate a room by creating a statement. Plush floor rugs are not only soft but will also make a room feel more relaxing and luxurious. Blankets that are made of softer fabrics provide an additional means of adding comfort while making your room feel lavish.

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