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Adding a bit of character or a creative element in a new home can easily be done through the use of tile wall accents. Depending on how they are used, tile wall accents can provide a small accent or create a statement in any room. Tile has the ability to add depth, character, and dimension to a wall.

Compared to other options such as wallpaper and paint, tile is a worry free option that many prefer. Finding the perfect tile to use in a room can be difficult. That is why we have compiled the top tips for how to effectively use tile to create an accent wall in your new home.

1. Use Tile to Mimic other Materials:

A tile that looks like other materials such as brick, stone, or wood can create a naturally appealing accent to any wall. The natural colors and textures provide a focal point for a living room wall or feature for a bathroom. The use of tile that appears as other materials can provide depth by using dark, wood-like colors and patterns or create a clean seamless appearance through the use of light, stone-like colors and patterns.

2. Feature Decorative Tile and Mosaics

For a bold statement, try adding a tile that features unique colors and patterns. Decorative tile comes in a variety of designs and are able to fit any aesthetic. Blacks, greys, whites, and browns can be intricately designed to create a subtle accent while bolder colors such as blues, greens, reds, and yellows can brighten any room while creating a unique focal point. More neutral colors used in tile design provide the opportunity to feature pops of color in smaller amounts while bolder tile accents coordinate a cohesive overall aesthetic design.

Decorative tile can also be used to create a mosaic which can be used to showcase a truly unique way to highlight colors and textures. With multiple design options available, a mosaic can be a custom accent to a room. Mosaics can be easily installed for a distinct accent wall in any kitchen, bathroom, living room, and even a bedroom.

3. Tips for How to Use Tile

Consider room color and tone

Before having new tile installed, it is important to consider how the color and pattern will coordinate with the tone you want the room to convey. The tile you use should have a similar voice for the style and aesthetic of the room. Depending on the colors you used, the tile could function as a trick for making the room appear larger.

Consider how the space is used

A tile accent wall can be a unique addition to any room in your home. However, it is important to ensure that the tile should be used according to the purpose of the space. An accent wall in a bathroom would have a different purpose than an accent wall in a living room. Moisture and exposure to sunlight should also be considered before adding tile to any wall. Tile works best in rooms with high-moisture such as a kitchen or bathroom.

At Holland Homes, we understand how important it is to craft the perfect aesthetic in your new home. That is why we actively work with you to ensure your home is designed with quality materials that make the statement you want. Contact us today to learn more about our available listings.

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