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Kitchen remodels are some of the most requested home renovations, and it’s no wonder. The kitchen is the heart – and the hub – of the home and the perfect space to show off your personality in a high-functioning space.

Even slight modifications to your kitchen, like painting cabinets or installing new lights, can completely reinvigorate the room and give new life to your entire home. But be aware, even minor kitchen renovations can easily venture into disaster territory if not done right.

What might seem like a cheap and easy kitchen project can quickly snowball out of control if not done correctly, which is why we strongly encourage you to seek out a professional for any renovation work on your home. One small mistake can end up costing you more than a professional’s estimate in the end. Holland Homes has the experience and know-how to get the job done right the first time.

With that in mind, we present our DDIY (Don’t Do It Yourself) list of small kitchen renovations that make a big difference. If you’re contemplating a kitchen remodel, give us a call at (334) 332-7157 for a free consultation today and take the next step toward creating your ideal kitchen.

  • Update your cabinets: Installing new cabinetry will instantly give your kitchen a new look and can set the tone for your entire home. With an almost limitless number of options to choose from, there are materials and colors to fit everyone’s style. Darker colors make a bold statement, and glass doors create a lighter look that makes the kitchen seem virtually airy. Add even more personality with handpicked knobs and pulls.
  • Upgrade your countertops: Countertops set the tone for the kitchen. Choose stylish, durable materials for an updated look that’s also functional. Current trends include materials with many color options, like marble and limestone, and materials resistant to stains and scratches, like quartz and concrete. We will ensure that you pick the materials best suited for your needs.
  • Add a backsplash: While a backsplash serves to protect the wall from unforeseen splashes, adding one is an easy way to bring color and texture into the kitchen. Keep in mind that your countertops and backsplash should harmonize with one another without competing for attention. Daniel will work with you to choose the materials and design to embellish your kitchen in a complementary way.
  • Brighten the room: Create the illusion of space in a cramped kitchen by brightening the room. With the combined efforts of strategically placed overhead lighting, under-cabinet lighting and fresh coats of white paint, even the tightest kitchen will seem roomy and comfortable. Many new homeowners in the Auburn area favor light-colored open kitchens that create a clean and spacious atmosphere.
  • Add architectural details: As with any room, the details of a kitchen are what make it uniquely your own. You may like your cabinets, counters and wall color, but little architectural details can take a kitchen to the next level. Installing decorative baseboards, crown molding and door and window casings will add a tasteful finishing touch.

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