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Trends are always rapidly changing, and as we enter into the first few months of 2023, we want to explore the newest styles and design trends. Although there are many new crazes to look for to amp up your home, here are just a few that have seemingly been on the rise.

1. Vibrant Colors

The latest trends- whether it’s through clothing, Instagram feeds, or interior designs- all involve bursts of color. People enjoy a loud design, and what better way to achieve that than to add some fun color within your living space? This added color can give more personality to your household. It can give an energetic ambiance and be a warm welcome to guests. As society shifts toward the likeness of expressing individuality, so do the latest interior design trends. Color can be added through a piece of furniture in your living room, a centerpiece in your dining room, or a painting in your hallway.

2. Mix and Match Patterns

Mixing prints has become very trendy, as statements are now in. What used to be looked down on is now the latest style. People are loving this new craze. You can incorporate this trend into your home by blending big and small sizes together or simple and complex patterns. This mixture can provide contrast and with the right balance, can make your perfect vision come to life. For instance, adding a traditional sofa to your modern living room can develop the aesthetic you want.

3. Add A Unique and Personal Ambiance to Your Kitchen

It’s hard to deny that a bright and color-coordinated kitchen is aesthetically pleasing, although stone counters are also becoming a new trend for kitchens. The all-white kitchen trend is out, and the bright and patterned kitchen is in. People are looking to get creative with their cabinetry and type of tile. You can change up your kitchen by mixing up your metals and pairing bronze, nickel, and brass together. You can mix trendy vibrant colors with traditional wood.

4. Nostalgic Styles are Making a Return

All the trends from the 60s through the 90s seem to be coming back. Colors such as pistachio, rust, burnt orange, and dark chocolate brown are all making a huge comeback within the interior design world. Combinations such as green and pink or orange and green are becoming more popular in new homes. You can add these colors or combinations by adding new throw pillows to your living room, a new blanket to your bedspread, or different paintings to your living areas. Whatever you do, don’t be afraid to be bold with nostalgia- It’s so in! The traditional look is the way to go for the new year.

5. Added Wallpaper within New Homes

There are ample prints to choose from when deciding between wallpaper designs and many wallpaper designs designers are loving. You could go with a 70s theme, choose a fun and bright color, or blend any pattern or floral print of your liking. Wallpaper within the bathroom of your home is becoming on the rise. Whatever you choose, remember that embracing the personalization of your home is very on-trend. Powder rooms are also perfect places to add some big patterns.

6. Darker Shades of Color

The all-white cleanliness look is out, and deeper charcoals and browns are in. These tones create a comfy feel and add an elegant ambiance to new homes. Although the trendy Coastal Grandmother look is still going strong, patterns involving darker color coordinations are getting added to the mix. Darker greens, grays, blues, and purples are creating a more complex look for living spaces. These moody colors are beginning to be used more, whether it be for furniture in living rooms, wallpaper in bathrooms, or for paint in bedrooms or work offices.

We Want to Help!

At Holland Homes, we want to ensure our clients’ new homes provide a positive quality of life for them, and we even have a design guide to help with the details. We truly believe that nothing is more personal than your home. For more information, contact us at Holland Homes LLC.

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