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So that dreaded and long awaited day in every parent’s life has finally come. Your children have spread their wings and left the nest. Your once busy and bustling home is now quieter….and a lot more spacious.

So what are you going to do now that your days and nights are not preoccupied by dropping off or picking up the kids from school or doing endless amounts of laundry to keep up with the kids’ soccer practices? Now that the kids are gone and you have free time on your hands, it is time to turn the playroom, which has been untouched and collecting dust for years, into a room dedicated to you.

The first step is going to be the hardest: choosing what to turn the playroom in to. So we have compiled a list of our favorite and quirky ideas to help you narrow down the options! No project is too big or too small for us!


Playroom Remodel Ideas



Wine Cellar:

There is no better way to celebrate your success as parents than by turning your achievements’ playroom into a wine cellar. There are several benefits that come along with this option including an increase in the value of your house and a better preservation of your wine. Installing a wine cellar usually involves some light remodeling such as adding special installation, a wine cooling unit and a sealed door. We also recommend having custom-made racks installed, wood or metal are the best materials to use. Give us a call, building is our speciality.


Home Gym:

Turning the playroom into your personal gym is a great option for parents who love to workout or want to get in shape. The “I don’t have time to go to the gym” excuse won’t work anymore when you have a gym right down the hallway. We recommend buying a couple of machines, a yoga mat or two and turning one wall into a mirror. For cleaning purposes and for the wellbeing of your joints, we suggest removing any carpeting or hardwood floors and installing rubber flooring.



If you are more of a bookworm than an active person, transforming the playroom into a library might be the right choice for you. This remodel requires the installation of custom-made bookshelves, we recommend choosing a dark wood for a classy and elegant look. If you want the room to have a cozy vibe, have carpet installed and invest in some cushiony couches and chairs. Reading lamps are “a must” too!



Now that the kids are gone, it is time for you to start working on achieving your dreams again, and for some of you, those dreams might include becoming an artist. Many talents and hobbies fall under the art category including painting, sculpting, playing instruments, sewing or even simple arts and crafts projects. Having a room in your house dedicated to your passion makes fulfilling your dream an easier task. For the flooring of your studio, we recommend any type but carpet, especially if you are a painter. For painters and sculptors, it’s not a bad idea to have a sink installed in the room too for a quicker clean-up process or a quicker creating process. Make sure you have enough bright lightning as well.


Home Theater:

Over the last couple of years, the trend of waiting for new movies to become available on streaming websites instead of seeing them in theaters has really picked up steam. So converting your kids’ playroom into a home theater would be a smart investment. According to hgtv.com, a decent amount of remodeling is involved including adding extra insulation to the walls, pre-wiring for the lightning, surround- sound system and video projector; and adding seating. We think buying an old-fashioned popcorn machine would be a nice touch too.

Despite the amount of remodeling involved with this choice, your family and friends will get lots of use out of the home theater, and if you decide to sell your house, the resale value will greatly increase as a result.


Expand a room:

Depending on where the playroom is located in your house, you may be able to knock down the walls to expand another room. For example, if the master bedroom, bathroom or closet shares a dividing wall with the playroom, some demolition might be worth it. There are no downsides to making the small, crowded closet that you share with your partner into a walk-in closet. The more storage space, the better, and of course, having two bathroom sinks instead of one is also a luxury.

No matter which option you choose for your project, remodeling a room is an almost impossible task to complete by yourself. That is why we will be there to help you along every step of the way. You make the choice, and we will make the changes. Call us today to get started on your remodel!

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