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Owning a beach house is a dream that many people have and work towards throughout their life. While it sounds perfect, there are some important elements you should keep in mind when you decide to move to the coast in order to make the most of your new home. Working with a trusted company like Holland Homes, one of the most reliable home builders in the southeast, will make the moving and building process painless and more rewarding. Living in a beach house is a new and exciting experience and these are some key things you should consider before you get fully settled.

Get To Know the Location

You’ve probably been informed about the importance of location when picking a new home or property, and searching for one on the coast is no exception. Understanding your preferences before you buy or build your home will make it much easier to narrow down your options. You should consider how close you’d like to be to the water, how far you want your neighbors to be, and what kind of beaches you like the most, among countless other essential questions that will help you make the best decisions.

Additionally, if you’ve chosen to hire a home builder to complete your new beach house project, it’s imperative you make sure you aren’t building in a flood zone. Hurricanes and even heavy winds can cause the ocean levels to rise and damage the foundation or bottom levels of your home. Talk to a local realtor to determine what the zoning is like in your area of interest and if you would need to elevate your home to avoid these possible obstacles.

Beach Life

Living in close proximity to the beach brings tons of new opportunities and can even bring you a fun new lifestyle. Depending on where your house is located, you may have to experience a busy season during the summers and holidays, bringing more movement and activity to your area. This may be something you should think about when deciding on a location, especially if you want to avoid those very busy spaces.

Most people who live near the water actually tend to be more physically fit and have healthier minds due to their increased exposure outside. The frequent ocean breezes and sound of breaking waves will leave you always feeling more relaxed. You should also consider incorporating your outdoor space into your home design so you can fully take advantage of your location. Many beach homes include balconies or patios so residents can sit and enjoy the environment with friends or loved ones. No one wants to sit inside watching TV every day if the beach is just outside!

Keep Track of Costs

Obviously, building a new home on the beach is going to come with more costs than normal because of the higher demand. Before you move in, you should make sure you’re familiar with where your money needs to go and when. Don’t try to squeeze a home into your budget if it doesn’t work, and instead focus on where you could renovate or improve. One vital aspect of beach living to remember is how much exposure you may have to hurricanes and other possible natural disasters. It’s highly recommended that you look into saving emergency funds in case your house becomes damaged in the weather.

On top of having emergency funds available, you should invest in high-quality windows and roofing that will last through any harsh storms and damaging winds. If you know people who live on the coast or have a trusted realtor, talk to them about where you should use any extra money for ultimate protection. Also important, make sure that if you live on a beachfront property you don’t have to pay to have access to the actual beach. There are numerous expenses that may cause more consideration, but you should always put your safety and comfort first.


Depending on where you decide to move to the coast, you may find that you have neighbors, either a few feet away or a few blocks away. Having neighbors can be beneficial if you’re new to beach house life, and it can open countless new doors for you and your family. Get to know the people living near you right away so you can form stable relationships and gain a sense of comfort. You could ask them about where to find the best restaurants or companies in the area to familiarize yourself and get honest recommendations.

It could also be helpful to know which of your neighbors live in their properties year-round or rent them out to visitors. If this is the case, you won’t have to worry about being confused when you see a new family next door every few weeks. As nice as having neighbors can be, make sure you know whether or not they could impact your experience positively before you make any final decisions.

How We Can Help

Holland Homes is one of the southeast’s most dependable real estate and home building companies, providing high-quality service to all of our clients. We understand how important moving to a new home can be and our team works to bring you a smooth experience that will leave you feeling excited about your new journey. We offer communities and quick move-ins on the coast or inland, depending on your preferences and needs. Contact us to learn more about our process and get the best service available.

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