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Holland Homes has been working towards the future of modern, energy efficient homes in Alabama. In early May, Holland Homes debuted its first Northwoods Smart Neighborhood model home to the Auburn community, effectively paving the way for future smart homes. Northwoods Smart Neighborhood is the newest project to create technologically advanced and sustainable homes with your family’s comfort in mind. With features like smart thermostats, smart door locks, and smart security system, Northwood’s homes are much more efficient than a normal home. This technology gives homeowners more control over their home than ever before, while creating a more economically friendly house. This new Smart Neighborhood will not only save homeowners money, it will also decrease your carbon footprint.

Technology is always changing and growing, and our Smart Neighborhood will allow your home technology to grow with your family. Northwood Smart Neighborhood was created with your family’s comfort and convenience in mind. All of the newest, most energy efficient technology and appliances will be at your fingertips. Connect to home systems from anywhere on your phone or tablet, so you can manage your life and home with ease. Stay connected with home features like smart outlets and switches, Google mini for voice control, and security monitoring.

Holland Homes is one of only three other companies in Alabama to begin building Smart Neighborhoods. We have partnered with Alabama Power to create an energy efficient home that is great for you and the environment. The technology and appliances that make up these Smart Neighborhoods are more advanced than any other homes in Alabama. This achievement has caught the attention of our community and publications like Builder, who have written an article about our innovative project. To read more about Holland Homes and our new Northwoods Smart Neighborhood, check out Builder’s article here.

As the Builder article states, smart homes are the way of the future and we are thrilled to be setting new benchmarks in our community. Holland Homes has always paved the way for future homes with innovation ideas, modern style, and advanced technology. We look forward to continuing to create homes that can grow with your family. If you are interested in learning more about Northwoods Smart Neighborhood click here.

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