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It is time to raise the roof! When designing a new renovation or build, an updated roof may be the very thing you need. A roof over your head doesn't just keep you safe, but can be a statement to your home depending on what style you choose. It can be common for the look of your home's interior to overshadow from the exterior during a renovation. We encourage you to make a statement in your neighborhood by looking at the top roofing trends of 2020!

Asphalt Shingles

This tried and true roofing has been seen on homes for decades. Due to its reliability and affordability, this roofing trend won’t be going away anytime soon making it a solid option for your new home. This style can be used in most all parts of the world, as it is designed to withstand multiple types of weather. You can get the most life out of your asphalt roof by performing regular maintenance checks. If you are ever unsure of what roof to get or are a new homeowner you can’t go wrong with this option!

Green Roofs

These roofs have emerged within the past couple years and are increasing in popularity all over the world! In fact in 2018, the City of Denver made an ordinance that any building that was larger than 25,000 square feet must have a green roof or a combination of green and solar. This is due to the long term environmental benefits that come with its installation. They create a natural habitat for plants and reduce acid rain effects all while protecting and insulating your home! Even though they possess a higher initial investment, a green roof can lower your electricity bill due to its superior insulating properties and because it results in less maintenance costs over time. If you are looking to stand out on your street, this roof is for you!

Metal Roofs

Metal roofs seem to be the roofing trend that keeps on spreading! If you’ve noticed an increase of metal roofs in your neighborhood, it may be time for you to hop on the bandwagon. These are a popular choice due to their sleek look, design flexibility, and overall functionality. Choosing to have a metal roof opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to color and style. In fact, if you choose an aluminum roof they are 100% recyclable for the environmentally conscious homeowner. The installation cost for these roofs can get quite expensive, but the long term benefits of the reflective surface increasing insulation and helping with heating and cooling costs are hard to beat! If you are looking to update your home before selling it, installing a metal roof can be guaranteed to increase its value.

Flat Roofs

If you are looking to find a way to give your home a modern feel then a flat roof could be right for you! This minimalistic look is cost effective and adds more options for future customization to your home. They typically use less materials and can be easily turned into a solar or green roof if you are looking for future upgrades. Some even choose to implement a rooftop deck! If you do choose this option, work with a trusted home builder to ensure your roof is thoroughly waterproofed as this style can lack drainages.

Lighter Colored Roofs

Since darker colored roofs seemed to be the only option for many years, some people have taken the initiative to flip the script when it comes to roof styles. Lighter colored roof shingles in colors such as beige, soft greens and blues, and even off-whites are starting to become a popular choice for those wanting a pop of color. For those in warmer areas, this option could even provide some cooling benefits by reflecting heat instead of absorbing it. In these days where many are stepping out of the box when it comes to the style of your home's exterior, it may be the time to go for this trend!

With roofing making strides in both design and technology, it has become an exciting new customization when thinking about the overall style of your home. Here at Holland Homes, we want to help your dream renovation or build come to life. From the roof to the basement, Holland Homes will provide quality craftsmanship guaranteed. Contact us at our website form, or give us a call at 334-332-7157 to get started on your dream home today!

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