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Building a custom home is an exciting process. Each decision you make moves you one step closer to moving into your dream home. However, the process as a whole can be overwhelming at times. Factors such as the benefits of certain stains of wood compared with others are important to consider, yet is often an unfamiliar territory. At Holland Homes, we want to ensure that your custom building experience is as smooth as possible. Having prior knowledge allows you to have a better understanding of what your home could look like.

Are you looking to decorate your home and seeking inspiration? Here we are going to explain five of the top design trends in 2020. There are, of course, many other aesthetics but these are some of the up and coming styles that are taking the design world by storm.

We will be discussing farmhouse, contemporary, coastal, boho chic, and french country styles. Each of these aesthetics is unique and stunning in their own ways. Some decide to focus on one while others combine different aspects of multiple. Either way, each provides a vast amount of inspiration when it comes to envisioning your house.

What’s better than waking up in the morning, looking outside your window and seeing a large, wide-open grassy backyard? Well if you ask us, we are going to say that waking up and seeing a beautiful outdoor entertainment area outside your window is better.

Whether you live on several acres out in the country or your suburban neighborhood home has a large yard, you should consider using that open space to enhance your property. You can transform the area into a luxurious spot for yourself or spoil your children by turning it into a fun, outdoor play area.

One of the most overlooked areas of a home during a remodel would have to be the garage. It can be easy to forget about the space that stores your car and some trash cans, but your garage can be your home’s secret weapon as it is equipped with space! By remodeling your garage and making use of that square footage, you can optimize that area of your home for storage solutions and more, ultimately increasing the overall value of your home. Here are some of the top tips we recommend to turn the garage from drab to fab!

Renovations can be exciting and fun, but they can also be stressful. If you are preparing for a home remodel, there are a few things to take into consideration. Not only should you be thinking about a time that works best for you, but a time that will save you money too.

This blog post will introduce some factors that show your home is ready for a remodel and when the best time to renovate is. Holland Homes is here to help you renovate your home to fit your style and functionality needs.

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